Cause of death of Springfield woman found in duplex ruled ‘undetermined’

Advanced state of decomposition reported in autopsy

The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office final autopsy report for a Springfield woman who was found dead in a North Douglas Avenue duplex in October ruled her cause of death as inconclusive, according to the report released Wednesday.

Gloria Dickinson, 56, was found dead by Springfield police officers on Oct. 27 while they were serving a warrant at a home located at 41 North Douglas Ave., where neighbors said she lived for several years with another person.

The autopsy findings show that Dickinson’s body was in an advanced state of decomposition, which limited the coroner’s internal organ examination, the final report notes. Her cause of death is listed as “undetermined.”

There was no obvious evidence of injury, the report stated.

Also listed in Dickinson’s final autopsy are a “reported history of hypertension” and a “reported history of ethanol abuse.”

Dickinson’s family reported her missing in October, after not seeing her since Sept. 13.

According to a police incident report, police searched the left half of the duplex on Oct. 18, after Dickinson’s relative reported her missing and listed the left-side of the duplex as a possible dwelling of Dickinson’s. The occupant of that side of the duplex, Eric Beedy, gave officers permission to search the space, but police had “no luck” in locating Dickinson, the report said.

The incident report states that officers also checked several homeless encampments, hotels and Frisch’s restaurant, where Dickinson often went. Staff at the restaurant reportedly told police that Dickinson would not leave anywhere without her cellphone, which was located during police’s Oct. 18 search of the duplex.

Dickinson was found on the other side of the duplex weeks later.

The Springfield policeEvidence Collection Unit vehicle, as well as the Clark County Health District, were at the scene collecting evidence the day Dickinson was found. Crews wore hazardous material suits before entering the home where her body was found on Oct. 27, because the conditions were deplorable, police said.

Dickinson’s death remains under investigation, according to her relative, Don Lewis. No charges have been filed in relation to her death.

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