Historic Buchwalter House, Springfield foundations establish endowment fund

The Buchwalter House Foundation has partnered with the Springfield Foundation to establish an endowment fund to preserve and promote the community’s historical heritage.

The 1852 Buchwalter House, home of the Woman’s Town Club and located in the East High Street District, is “one of the oldest, most viable houses in Springfield.”

“To preserve the past for the future, the Buchwalter House Foundation through the Springfield Foundation has greatly enhanced its opportunities to continue fulfilling its mission,” said CEO/President Deanne Rucker.

The fund, which “represents a significant investment in the future of this local landmark,” will generate sustainable income to support the ongoing maintenance, restoration and programs. It will be managed by the Springfield Foundation.

“The Buchwalter House, an iconic symbol of our city’s rich history, holds a special place in the hearts of residents. Recognizing the importance of safeguarding this heritage, the Buchwalter House Foundation has taken proactive steps to secure its legacy through the establishment of the endowment fund,” said Sarah McPherson, director of marketing and development for the Springfield Foundation.

Susan Carey, executive director of the Springfield Foundation, said they’re honored to work with the Buchwalter House Foundation.

“Endowment funds play a vital role in sustaining organizations that shape our community’s fabric. Together, we will preserve the Buchwalter House’s legacy for future generations,” she said.

Contributions to the endowment fund are welcome from individuals, businesses and organizations. Donations can be made directly to the Springfield Foundation, earmarked for the Buchwalter House Foundation.

For more information on how to contribute or get involved, visit www.springfieldfoundation.org or contact McPherson at 937-324-8773 or sarah@springfieldfoundation.org.

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