Bridgewater developer looking to build 258 more homes in Springfield

A new housing development is slated for Springfield as DDC Management LLC is looking to add more homes in the area in addition to its Bridgewater project that is underway.

The new development would consist of approximately 258 homes and would be located on East Leffel Lane and South Burnett Road. It would be a separate project from Bridgewater, which once complete will offer 226 homes near the Tuttle Road Walmart.

DDC Management started looking at a second development in Springfield after the success of home sales related to Bridgewater. However, they are in the early stages of the new development and are undergoing a process of having land annexed from Springfield Twp. to the City of Springfield.

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The new homes would be built on a stretch of land near Interstate 70 just southeast of Springfield city limits, according to a copy of an annexation request by DDC Management related to a little over 72 acres of property.

That request was approved by the Board of Clark County Commissioners in May and that land will be part of the development area. That land is on the northwest corner of South Burnett Road and East Leffel Lane, according to a copy of the petition.

DDC Management is also awaiting approval on a separate annexation request of approximately 28 acres of property between Interstate 70 and East Leffel Lane.

The developer’s plans to add more housing in the area come after construction on the Bridgewater project began in 2019 and home sales related to it followed in early 2020.

The construction of Bridgewater, which is being built by Ryan Homes, is being split into four phases and work has started on the third phase of the project.

Of the 70 home lots associated with the first phase of the project, 67 have sold while 5 of the 59 lots associated with the second phase have sold, according to information provided by DDC Management. Homes are built in the Bridgewater development once lots are purchased by homebuyers.

The success of Bridgewater has inspired DDC Management to look at more development opportunities in Springfield, said Ryan Reed, a program director for the residential development firm. He said that there is a demand for new homes in the Springfield area and recent home sales have proven that.

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Prior to Bridgewater, there had not been a new major housing development in Springfield since the early 1990s.

“We have a need for all types of housing. It is important that we have those housing options in town,” Tom Franzen, the director of economic development for the City of Springfield, previously told the News-Sun.

Bridgewater was originally slated to have approximately 231 homes, according to Springfield officials. But that number has been revised to 226 homes, according to Reed.

In terms of a new housing development that would be separate from Bridgewater, DDC Management is still in the early stages of that project. But, the hope is to start construction by the spring or early summer of 2022.

Reed added that DDC Management is still determining the cost and looking over plans regarding having new homes on East Leffel Lane and South Burnett Road. The residential development firm will also need to enter into a contract with a builder before construction starts.

By the numbers

226: Total number homes DDC Management is building in its first development - Bridgewater development.

258: Approximate number of homes that could be built as part of proposed second new development.

2022: When construction on a new development could start

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