Antioch University chancellor talks about move of school and sale of building

Antioch University wants to sell its building in Yellow Springs and move to a more “robust market.”

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Antioch University wants to sell its building in Yellow Springs and move to a more “robust market.”

Antioch University Midwest is putting its building up for sale, meaning for the first time in its 165-year history, the school may not be located in Yellow Springs.

The Antioch University system, which also has locations in New England, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Seattle, is headquartered in Yellow Springs.

INITIAL REPORT: Antioch University in Yellow Springs could move to south Dayton

The school’s interim chancellor, William Groves told the Dayton Daily News more about why Antioch is looking to make a move.

1. How much will the building cost to buy?

When Antioch University Midwest built its current building in 2006, the school spent around $13.5 million on it, Groves said.

In looking for a buyer, the university would like to make more than what it spent to build the facility, Groves said.

“I certainly think it has appreciated in value,” Groves said.

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No one has come forward to purchase the building yet but Yellow Springs Exempted Village Schools officials had preliminary discussions about buying the building to use as a new school, superintendent Mario Basora said. The school district has no plans to buy the building at this time though, Basora said.

Yellow Springs High School is directly across the street from Antioch University.

2. The school almost moved 11 years ago

Antioch University has thought about moving to Dayton before. When the school’s current building was built, in 2006, officials considered leaving Yellow Springs, Groves said.

But, the village gave Antioch University the property for its current building for free, he said. There was also the promise of more companies popping up nearby that the school could partner with, but that dream never came to fruition, Groves said.

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Antioch University has hired a national real estate firm to find potential buyers while also looking for a facility in “more robust markets,” Groves said.

Groves mentioned “south Dayton” as a potential area the school could move to. If Antioch does move to Dayton, it would join three other colleges already located there including the University of Dayton, Wright State University and Sinclair Community College.

3. What will a new Antioch University Midwest look like?

Officials are still deciding what a Dayton-based Antioch University Midwest would look like.

Groves said school officials have not looked at any facilities yet but that they’ll likely be looking for a smaller space and something they can lease rather than buy. The school will look for a smaller building because online courses have become more popular, meaning less space is needed, Groves said.

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While Groves told the Antioch University community that south Dayton would be a prime location, he hasn’t ruled out others.

Groves said the university will explore options that would allow it to have facilities not just in Southwest Ohio but also in Franklin County and Columbus.

Leaving Yellow Springs will be bitter sweet for the school that started there in 1852 Groves said. But, the school needs to change as higher education changes in order to survive and succeed, he said.

AUM, separated from the historic liberal arts college now known at Antioch College nearly a decade ago.

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