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A Miami County resident with a confirmed case of measles visited a Montgomery County grocery store before diagnosis, Miami County Public Health announced Tuesday evening. It is the second measles case reported in Ohio.

The first case was reported Feb. 4 in Montgomery County when more than 230 patients at Dayton Children’s Hospital were exposed to a measles patient in the emergency department, plus an unknown number of their family members.

Countywide, more than one in 10 Montgomery County kindergartners didn’t have all required vaccinations, according to the data.

The Dayton Daily News every year obtains vaccination data for Ohio schools to help the public understand the status of efforts to protect children from contagious diseases through vaccinations.

Parents can file medical or moral exemptions to the Ohio law requiring all children entering kindergarten to have vaccines including MMR. At several area elementary schools, more than one-fifth of kindergarteners’ parents filed moral exemptions to having their children vaccinated.

Search the data below to see vaccination rates, including MMR, and exemptions rates for elementary schools statewide. Note data is not available for schools with 10 or fewer students.