Attorney general: Watch for look-alike cannabis edibles during trick-or-treat

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost warned Ohioans to watch this Halloween for cannabis edibles and hemp derivatives packaged to look like popular snack food and candy brands.

In a release, Yost said levels of THC in the edibles could have real and devastating effects on children, saying some of the copycat bags contain enough edibles for 60 to 100 times the maximum legal adult serving.

He urged parents to be extra cautious that copycat products don’t end up in trick-or-treat bags.

The attorney general said that there has not been a case of cannabis edibles in look-alike packaging ending up in a trick-or-treat bag reported in Ohio.

Marijuana dispensaries in Ohio are prohibited from selling products with cartoon characters or that look like commercially available products.

He cited an increase in calls to the American Association of Poison Control Centers hotlines of children ingesting cannabis products, which received 2,622 related calls in 2021.

Ohio’s poison control centers in 2020 reported 79 cases each related to children eating a cannabis product, Yost said.

Symptoms of a THC overdose include respiratory distress, loss of coordination, lethargy and loss of consciousness.

If your child is sick and you suspect they ate something with high amounts of THC, call 911 and the Central Ohio Poison Center Hotline at 1-800-222-1222.

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