Howie Mandel surprises holiday travelers at Dayton airport

Credit: Nagel, Kyle (COP-Dayton)

Credit: Nagel, Kyle (COP-Dayton)

Holiday travelers at the Dayton International Airport last week were surprised to come across a hologram of comedian and reality TV judge Howie Mandel.

But even more surprising: this was not a pre-recorded video message — Mandel actually was broadcasting live from a studio in California.

Multiple people passing through the airport on Wednesday got to talk with the “America’s Got Talent” host, who was promoting Proto Hologram, which describes itself as the “world’s first holographic communications platform.”

A traveler named Christopher took a TikTok video with Mandel’s hologram.

“This is the best TikTok I’ve ever been a part of,” Mandel said. “If you want to have a TikTok go viral, do it with a stranger in Dayton, Ohio.”

Mandel joked that it was hurting his ego that so few travelers were paying attention to him.

Mandel, a member of Proto’s board, has used the holographic technology to make appearances at award shows and other events far from his actual physical self.

Mandel earlier this year told podcaster Joe Rogan that Proto technology can beam life-size, high-def, 3D holograms to anywhere in the world.

Protos are big, white, refrigerator-style boxes with glass fronts, says the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Mandel has beamed into TV shows, comedy festivals, malls, trade shows and other events.

Proto says its hologram device and platform offers “holoportation,” which beams celebrities, artists, executives, athletes, doctors, teachers and others anywhere they need to be.

The person that is live beaming can see and hear the audience, like Howie did at the Dayton airport. But the devices can be used for pre-recorded content.

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has installed a Proto unit at his comedy club in Las Vegas that allows comedians to perform at the venue without having to be physically present.

Actor Chris Pratt this year used Proto to prank people at Disneyland.

The celebrity at first pretended to be an artificial image. But park visitors quickly found out that it was the real deal.

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