Staffing firm interested in expanding to Springfield

Downtown Springfield
Downtown Springfield

A Tennessee-based staffing firm is looking to do business in Springfield with the hopes of setting up an office in the area.

Jason Leverant, the president and COO of AtWork, said his company is interested in Springfield due to the city’s location to other markets and the fact that it is home to a number of manufacturers.

“The size of (Springfield) and the fact that it’s sandwiched between two large metros (Dayton and Columbus), while having a smaller town feel, makes it the perfect venue for a staffing office,” Leverant said.

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The company has over 70 locations and 62 franchise owners across the country, including two in Ohio, with one in the Cincinnati area and the other in Akron.

Leverant said his company has identified Springfield as a market they can expand in and are currently looking for a franchise owner in the area. He said his company focuses on smaller to midsize cities and metropolitan areas.

“All the signs point to the Springfield staffing market,” he said, adding that research done by his company has shown an availability in workers in the area.

Representatives of AtWork said their current goal is to open up a Springfield location in the next six months, while starting the talent recruitment phase once they find a franchise owner.

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“We are seeing more and more people working with (temporary staffing agencies). They want to work at their own pace,” Leverant said of why some choose to work with companies such as his.

“Some work with us on a long-term temporary basis. To me it’s a lifestyle choice that people make. They have that control and the flexibility that most people do not have,” he added, noting that there has been a growth of 2% year-over-year in temporary employment.

Leverant said that his company has not found a location in Springfield yet. However, he added that the goal is to be settled in the area before the usual jump in seasonal employment, usually seen during the late spring, early summer.