New dessert store opens in downtown Springfield offering summer treats

A new business has opened just in time to help cool off Springfield residents during the hot summer days.

Snow Cove, inside the Heritage Center of Clark County in downtown Springfield, offers 30 flavors and an endless combination of snow cones.

“I want to make this a downtown destination,” store owner Micah Level said.

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The idea for the store came from a friend who told him that snow cones have low overhead and are a great way to get experience in business.

“It has turned into a passion and a lot of excitement to offer this fun treat to Springfield families and neighborhood kids,” Level said.

To make the store a reality, he said he had to remodel the space and hopes that customers take to the idea.

“I did all the remodeling and the paperwork,” he said. “It was more of the pressure of will people come, will it be something that people want. It was a mental game.”

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Customers have shown up, he said, and the business is off to a good start. The operation is just a store front right now, but Level said it’s possible it could expand in the future.

“This first season we are a store front and our hopes are in the future to expand to a mobile cart so we can do events, baseball fields, soccer fields so we have that kind of variety and option,” he said.

The store is open Wednesday through Friday from 4 to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. It’s closed Sunday through Tuesday.

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“We decided let’s start small and we can always add rather than starting with all these hours and then having to pull back,” he said.

New hours might be added soon, he said. The Heritage Center is at 117 S. Fountain Ave.

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