Windy, warm weather expected to start the week

Warm temperatures and clear skies are ahead for this week, though the area may see some high winds. Gusts on Thursday could reach as high as 40 mph the National Weather Service in Wilmington said.

Today is expected to be clear and sunny, though temperatures could drop as low as 40 degrees overnight. Wind speeds could reach up to 15 mph during the day. The NWS reported that warm air will build in the region, treating the Miami Valley to warmer than average temperatures before Spring arrives.

Tomorrow, we will see more sunny skies and warm temperatures, though we may see temperatures as low as 43 degrees overnight. The area will see more wind tomorrow, with wind speeds up to 14 mph.

On Wednesday, temperatures may rise as high as 66 degrees. Overnight, particularly after 4 a.m., the area may see some showers. On Thursday, the area will see high winds, between 20 and 25 mph. Gusts may reach up to 40 mph, the NWS said.

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