How to watch the Great American Eclipse safely

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Solar Eclipse Pinhole Projector

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Your Storm Center 7 team wants to make sure you safely enjoy the Great American Eclipse on Aug.21. Since we won’t experience a total solar eclipse here in the Miami Valley, there is a threat that looking directly at the eclipse can open your eyes to retina damage because of the sun’s rays.

Here are some safe ways to watch.

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Special Eclipse goggles: According to NASA there are several approved vendors to buy your own goggle.

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“To date four manufacturers have certified that their eclipse glasses and handheld solar viewers meet the ISO 12312-2 international standard for such products: Rainbow Symphony, American Paper Optics, Thousand Oaks Optical, and TSE 17.”

Another way to safely view the eclipse is an indirect method! A pinhole projector or camera is an easy option that you can make with items in your home.

What you need

Two pieces of white paper or card stock


Aluminum foil


Pin or paper clip

Step 1. Cut a square into the middle of a piece of paper.

Step 2. Covering the square with aluminum foil

Step 3. Poke a small hole in the foil

Step 4. Test it out. Put your second piece of paper on the grass and stand over it with your foil sheet (have the foil side face up). Have the sun behind you and hold it far away from the paper on the ground. This will make the projection bigger.

You will be able to watch the sun become eclipsed safely by holding up the foil sheet and watching the shadowed “sun” on your second piece of paper!

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