Arctic blast expected at end of week

An arctic blast of cold air is expected to invade the region this weekend.

The blast will come behind a strong cold front that will sweep through the area late in the day Friday, said Meteorologist Rich Wirdzek.

Daytime highs will barely reach the mid-30s on Saturday, and only be in the upper-20s on Sunday.

"Normal highs for this part of November are still in the upper-40s," Wirdzek said.

For today, temperatures will reach highs of about 50 degrees. As the sun goes down, clouds will increase and the chance for a shower will arrive by sunrise Thursday.

Lows overnight are expected to fall to the mid-30s.

On Thursday, the chance of a passing shower arrives in the region, but significant rainfall is not expected Wirdzek said. High temperatures are expected to be in the low-50s.

Periods of rain will filter through the region Friday, and high temperatures will be in the mid-50s.