You Can Now Turn Your Coins Into Cash at QuikTrip

If you've ever used a coin exchange machine at the grocery store, you know that what you gain in convenience, you lose in fees. Coinstar machines, for example, charge an 11.9% service fee.

QuikTrip gas stations and food marts are now inviting customers to bring their loose change to any of QT’s 800+ locations to turn it into cash bills.

I reached out to QuikTrip spokesman Mike Thornbrugh, and he says QT is doing this to help alleviate a coin shortage caused by the economic downturn.

QuikTrip Wants Your Change: Here’s How it Works

The seriousness of the situation came to light in early June during a virtual hearing with the House Committee on Financial Services. That's when Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell testified that the U.S. economy needs change — literally.

“What’s happened is that, with the partial closure of the economy, the flow of coins through the economy has gotten all — it’s kind of stopped,” Powell said.

Thornbrugh says all QuikTrips are now accepting coins and giving back dollar bills in exchange.

"Spread the word: Redeem your coins for cash," Thornbrugh says. "Whatever the amount, if we don't have that amount in the store, we'll give customers a gift card for the remaining balance."

Final Thought

If you want to turn any loose change into cash or a gift card, QuikTrip will help you do that fee-free.
There won’t be any coin-counting machines. QuikTrip wants to redeem your coins as you make transactions in the store.
You’ll also be helping put more coins in circulation for the benefit of the American economy.

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