TSA breaks record for number of guns seized in a week

Last week, the TSA pulled a record 96 guns from carry-on bags at security checkpoints at airports nationwide.

That broke a previous record of 89 guns that was broken just last month during the week of July 16.

The shift is affecting Dayton International Airport too.

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In 2016, there were eight guns found on carry-on bags at the Dayton Airport TSA security checkpoint.

According to the TSA, through June of this year they have already found six guns.

In 2015, there were just four found at the Dayton airport.

TSA Regional Spokesperson, Mark Howell spoke with News Center 7's John Bedell on the specifics of this trend and why it is happening.

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"We are seeing a lot more firearms this year and it has been continually on the rise over the last few years," Howell said.

Nationally, through June, TSA has pulled a little more than 1,700 guns from carry-on bags at security checkpoints.

Last year, TSA pulled 3,391 guns from carry-on bags. That broke 2015's record of 2,653.

Howell speculates that the rise may be due to an increase in travelers which increases the possibility of flyers packing a firearm for their flight.

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According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics, U.S. airlines carried an all-time high number of passengers in 2016, 719 million domestic and just under 104 million international. This surpassed the previous highs reached in 2015.

While nationally the country may be on pace to break the record of 3,391 this year, Howell ensures that TSA is proactive in trying to educate passengers.

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You are allowed to fly with a firearm but it has to be checked in a padded, hard-sided case that can be locked and you must notify the airline.

Howell says the TSA doesn't want to take away the option from flyers but want to make sure it's done in the "safest way possible and that (the firearm) is inaccessible during the flight."

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