Student of the Week Northwestern High School

Credit: Submitted Photo

Credit: Submitted Photo

Name: Alexis Taylor

School: Northwestern High School

Grade: 12th

Age: 18

Extra-curricular: Girls Varsity Soccer, Student Body President, National Honors Society, Student Council, Metro Futbol Club

Claim to fame/honors: Girls Varsity Soccer Captain

Words you live by: “If something makes you happy, do not care what other people think”

Biggest influence: My family

School-day rituals: Skip my alarm too many times, make coffee, then rush to school

What’s on your bedroom walls: Varsity letters, my yearly goals, homecoming/prom court sashes, pictures of my friends

When I’m bored I like to... play with my dog Scout and take her on walks

Favorite movie: Elf

Favorite TV show: The Office

Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird

Favorite home-cooked meal: Beef and Noodles

Favorite restaurant: Applebee’s

Whose mind would you like to read: The college admission counselors' minds to see if they will accept me

Place where you’d love to travel: Italy or Brazil

Talent you’d like to have: I wish I could dance

Favorite school subject: Chemistry

Favorite athlete: Christen Press

Favorite team: The Ohio State Buckeyes

Something in the world I’d like to change: The amount of hate and despair that revolves around our world

Favorite high school moment: Beating Jonathan Alder in soccer for our first time ever and winning the Mad River CBC Championship four years in a row

Favorite junk food: Chocolate ice cream

Best thing about high school: The best part about high school was not only being able to spend it with my family friends and create countless memories, but also being able to form relationships with teachers that have had positive impacts on my life. Thank you Mr. Cleland, Mr. Bagienski, Mrs. Boggess and Mr. Cooke.

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