Student of the Week Global Impact STEM Academy

Name: Cheney Gross

School: Global Impact STEM

Grade: 12

Age: 18

Extra-curricular: Football, Wrestling, full-time Wendy’s Manager

Words you live by: Seek self-improvement every day

Toughest challenge: managing school with extracurriculars

Biggest influence: Bricker Thiel

School-day rituals: practice Spanish and read

What’s on your bedroom walls: my weekly workout regimen

When I’m bored I like to: practice Spanish and spend time with my siblings

Favorite movie: Midway

Person who would play you in a movie: The Rock

Favorite musical artist: Five Finger Death Punch

Favorite book: “Economics in One Lesson” Hazlitt

Favorite home-cooked meal: Chicken Salad

Favorite restaurant: Wendy’s

Whose mind would you like to read: Alex Coleman

Place where you’d love to travel: Germany

Talent you’d like to have: Multilingualism

Favorite school subject: History

Something in the world I’d like to change: eliminate taxation everywhere

Favorite high school moment: When my football senior class and I went to West Virginia for the weekend to white-water raft

Favorite junk food: Kit Kats

Best thing about high school: The relationships I have with my peers and teachers who continually act so selflessly

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