Springfield man pleads not guilty to felony drug charges

A Springfield man was arraigned Wednesday morning in Clark County Municipal Court on charges stemming from fleeing from officers and on drug abuse.

Adontre Lane, 25, pleaded not guilty to failure to comply with order or signal of police officer, driving without a valid driver’s license, possessing criminal tools, trafficking in drugs, and two counts of drug abuse, according to court records. He was given a total of a $38,000 bond - $35,000 for the four felony drug charges, $2,500 for the failure to comply charge and $500 for the driving without a license charge.

Officers observed Lane around 5 p.m. on Tuesday at the stop sign on East Singer and South Limestone streets when they found that he had two warrants from an incident in May, according to an affidavit filed in the case.

The officers then activated their overhead lights to initiate a traffic stop at Fremont and Clifton avenues, where they stopped Lane and took him into custody, the affidavit said.

“When Lane opened the driver’s side door, officers observed a small clear bag of marijuana in the drivers side door in plain view,” the affidavit said.

Officers continued to search the vehicle, and found a brown plastic bag in the center console that contained other small baggies with white/crystal powder substance on some, a scale in the compartment under the stereo, and a phone in the cup holder, the affidavit said.

Lane was taken to the Clark County Jail and booked on possession of drugs, possession of criminal tools and trafficking in drugs.

In May, officers were patrolling the area of West Glenwood and Woodward avenues when they saw Lane driving a GMC Terrain and attempted to conduct a traffic stop, according to an affidavit filed in this case.

“Due to prior knowledge of Lane, he was known to not have a valid driver’s license,” the affidavit said.

When officers turned on their overhead lights, Lane started to pull to the curb on South Fountain Avenue, but then pulled away and continued north.

“Lane started gaining speed and turned onto West Glenwood Avenue,” the affidavit said. “Once it was apparent that Lane was not going to stop his vehicle, (officers) turned off (their) overhead lights and siren.”

A warrant was then requested for Lane for failure to comply with the order or signal of a police officer and driving without a valid driver’s license.

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