Springfield man indicted after escaping deputies following trial

After being found guilty by jury trial, he was upset over not being able to tie up his affairs prior to going to jail, affidavit says.

A Springfield man has been indicted after escaping Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputies and running down Columbia Street.

Jamaal Fleming, 38, was indicted in Clark County Common Pleas Court this week on charges of escape and obstructing official business. As of Thursday morning, Fleming was not listed as an inmate in the Clark County Jail.

On April 14, Fleming was found guilty on another charge by jury trial, according to an affidavit filed in the case. After the conviction, Judge Douglas Rastatter ordered Fleming to be held in jail pending a deposition on May 4.

“Fleming was upset over not being able to tie up his affairs prior to going to jail,” the affidavit said. “(Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputies) escort Fleming to the elevator and proceeded to the lobby of Common Pleas Court. Upon arriving in the lobby, Fleming became increasingly defiant about going to jail.”

While trying to cuff Fleming, he began pulling away and threatening deputies they would “have to kill him” before they took him to jail, the affidavit said.

“After a brief struggle, Fleming broke free and ran out the south door emergency exit of the Common Pleas Court. Fleming ran westbound down Columbia Street crossing Fountain Avenue. We gave chase on foot to Fleming and was unable to catch him.”

Deputies began searching the area for Fleming but could not locate him, the affidavit said. Two off-duty Springfield Police Division officers told deputies they saw a man matching Fleming’s description get into a black SUV and leave the scene.

Fleming’s next court date has not yet been scheduled.

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