Springfield lawyer suspended from practicing after felony drug conviction



A Springfield lawyer was suspended from practicing law in an Ohio Supreme Court decision because of a third-degree felony drug conviction last month.

Anthony Kohler, 65, was convicted of aggravated possession of drugs for methamphetamine possession in Montgomery County, according to court records. He was sentenced to up to five years probation.

The Supreme Court decision required Kohler’s case be referred to disciplinary council to investigate and begin disciplinary proceedings. Kohler was ordered to immediately cease law practice “in any form.”

“It is further ordered that (Kohler) is divested of each, any and all of the rights, privileges and prerogatives customarily accorded to a member in good standing of the legal profession of Ohio,” the decision stated.

No length of time was given for the suspension.

Kohler pleaded guilty to having a bulk amount of methamphetamine but less than five times the bulk amount.

Kohler is required to complete one credit hour of continuing legal education for each month or portion of a month of the suspension. He must also complete one credit hour of education related to professional conduct for each six months or portion of six months of the suspension.

The lawyer will not be reinstated to law practice until he meets reinstatement requirements, complies with all court orders and the Supreme Court orders his reinstatement.

Within 30 days, Kohler is required to notify all clients and co-counsel in pending matters of his suspension, give all clients property, refund any part of fees or expenses paid in advance that are “unearned or no paid,” notify opposing counsel or “adverse parties” in pending matters of his suspension, file an affidavit in compliance with the order and keep and maintain a record of the steps he takes to follow the order.

Kohler could not be reached for comment.

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