Springfield commission to set goals and objectives for the year

Some items a response to coronavirus pandemic, while others focus on economic development.

Springfield City Commissioners are expected to adopt their goals and objectives for the 2021-2022 period during a regular public meeting Tuesday.

“The focus of our goals and objectives is to improve the quality of life for our residents, from public safety to economic growth and beyond,” said Springfield Mayor Warren Copeland.

“We still have many things we want to achieve for the community as we come out of a very trying year in the midst of the (coronavirus) pandemic,” he added.

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Those goals and objectives fall under five categories that include strong city operations, economic development, improved quality of life, a more vibrant downtown and improved city corridors.

Goals and objectives for the City of Springfield are revised by commissioners annually, with the exception of the 2020-2021 period due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a recent news release.

Some of the revised items are in direct response to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic while others focus on existing economic development efforts.

Some of the goals and objectives for 2021-2022 will focus on:

• Developing enterprise resource planning tools to replace current financial management systems

• Continue proactive, cooperative, and compassionate neighborhood Code Enforcement

• Develop and implement comprehensive strategies to address the homeless and displaced neighbor crisis facing our community

• Develop a plan for modernizing and/or replacing Fire & EMS stations

• Redevelop the City Hall Plaza in an effort to create a more inviting and attractive destination and community space

• Develop plan and funding strategy for the completed I-70/SR72

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“We are proud of the progress we’ve been able to make for the people of Springfield, and we’re eager to keep that upward momentum going,” Copeland said.

“We must address the issue of families and individuals displaced during the (coronavirus) pandemic while also modernizing our fire stations and improving our corridors.” he added.

The financial impact of the pandemic impacted housing for some in the community due to loss of income.

City Commission will meet in the City Hall Forum at 7 p.m. Due to safety and health concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic, in-person attendance is limited and attendees are required to wear masks, submit to temperature checks and maintain social distancing.

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