Springfield OKs zoning request for development that could bring up to 1,250 new homes

An areal view of the site for a planned housing development in Springfield that could bring up to 1,250 new homes to the area. JIM NOELKER/STAFF

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An areal view of the site for a planned housing development in Springfield that could bring up to 1,250 new homes to the area. JIM NOELKER/STAFF

The city of Springfield has agreed to rezone a little over 378 acres of land along East National Road to a Planned Development District as that area could see up to 1,250 new homes built over a period of 10 years.

The decision to rezone that land, which includes the former Melody Drive-in Theatre and the former Next Edge development site, will allow for a planned development called Melody Place that will include a mixture of single-family, multi-family and patio homes as well as retail property.

The idea is to start construction this year and new homes would be added to the development in phases over a period of seven to 10 years, according to the project’s developers, which include the Columbus-based Borror and the Springboro-based Dillin.

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“The process is continuing to go well, and we feel that the market is still primed for this opportunity. We would like to get started with the initial site commencement this year. You would start to see vertical development in (the middle of 2023) and actual housing units and commercial spaces hopefully by early to mid 2024,” said Jeff Fontaine, the president of Borror.

However, the total number of housing units that will be built as a result of the development will depend on future housing demand and the project could see a total investment of $400 million over a period of ten years.

The scale of the proposed housing development would make it the largest project of its kind in the area in decades. Though the plan currently is to build around 1,250 housing units. That number will likely be closer to 1,100 or 1,150, once everything is finalized, Fontaine said. It will also include retail and other commercial space.

Springfield city commissioners voted during their biweekly public meeting on Tuesday to amend the zoning map of Springfield to rezone the 378.2 acres that will be part of the development into a Planned Development District. That land was previously annexed to the city of Springfield from Springfield Twp.

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The initial rezoning request put the number of housing units that could be built at up to 737 single-family homes, up to 375 multi-family homes and up to 146 patio-style homes. However, those numbers are liable to change and the developers behind the project plan to provide a mixture of different types of housing, involving different architecture, designs and builders.

Several commissioners have been vocally supportive of the new housing development proposal as they see those units as being a much needed addition to the community.

“You have one of the opportunities to change this community and I just want to encourage you to continue to move forward with the vision that you have,” said Springfield Commissioner Rob Rue during the public meeting on Tuesday. He was referring to representatives of Borror and Dillin who were in attendance.

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