Shoppers who stopped to help homeless man rewarded with $100

Shoppers thought they were helping out a homeless man in South Florida, but they had the tables turned on them in a surprising and profitable way.

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A man who appeared to be homeless was standing outside a Target store in Plantation on Sunday, telling people he was "just trying to get some money to feed his family," the Miami Herald reported.

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But when someone gave him a donation, the man reached into his pocket and handed the stunned shopper a $100 bill, the newspaper reported.

The "homeless man" was Brian Breach, an entertainer and content creator. He said he came up with the idea to give back a few days before Christmas after watching a video on Facebook, WSVN reported.

“Anyone that gave me a dollar, five dollars, anything like that got a hundred dollars in return,” Breach told the television station.

After watching the video, Breach contacted his videographer.

"I created my 'homeless' outfit by ripping it up, (putting) dirt on my face, shoes, pants, hat,etc." Breach told the Herald in an email.

One man, Breach told WTVJ, was moved to tears by the gesture.

“He went on to tell me how he always gives back to the community, and he truly believes that things come back to you for doing good deeds, and it did,” Breach told the television station.

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