Proposed Springfield distribution facility could bring 1,000 jobs

A large retail distribution center that is slated to be built at the Prime Ohio II Industrial Park in Springfield could bring more than 1,000 jobs to the area.

That news was shared by Springfield City Commissioner David Estrop during the commission’s public meeting on Tuesday. Estrop said that plans to build the facility in Springfield would lead to the creation of a mixture of part-time and full time jobs.

Springfield city officials did not provide a breakdown of the exact number of full-time or part-time jobs that would be created. However, the combined total could be more than 1,000 jobs.

The facility slated to be between 850,000 and 870,000 square feet but could be expanded to 1.3 million square-feet, according to information provided the Community Improvement Corporation of Springfield and Clark County.

Discussion related to the proposed project was sparked by two ordinances that were before city commissioners on Tuesday.

One pertained to “vacating unnecessary right of way located at Prime Ohio II and directing the city clerk to notify the County of such vacation.” The other was “confirming and approving a short term agreement with the Community Improvement Corporation of Springfield and Clark County, Ohio, (CIC) for pre-development improvements at Prime Ohio II.’'

Both were passed by city commissioners Tuesday.

The name of the company that is behind the proposed distribution center has not been released. However, officials have been working with NP Springfield Industrial LLC, who is working on behalf of the client interested in building a facility at the industrial park.

The passing of the two ordinances on Tuesday follows discussions between local economic development officials and NP Springfield regarding the sale of approximately 115 acres of property at Prime Ohio II for approximately $4.7 million.

The CIC owns that land and has been in talks with NP Springfield regarding the proposed sale, that would put the price at $42,000 per acre.

Horton Hobbs, the vice president of Economic Development for the Greater Springfield Partnership, previously said that NP Springfield would be purchasing that land at Prime Ohio II that in turn be used by its client.

Hobbs said that the project to build the distribution facility depends on if local and state economic incentives are approved.

That includes an enterprise zone agreement that will provide a 100% tax abatement for 15 years regarding property at 1801-1830 Prime Parkway.

That abatement was approved by the Clark-Shawnee Local Board of Education last month and is expected to be voted on by Springfield City Commissioners in October.

The planned distribution facility will be the first built at the industrial park, located on Prime Parkway in Springfield, which was created in order to aid local economic development efforts. It was completed in 2014.

“To be honest we did not know when we would ever get that property bought so this is fantastic,” said Springfield Mayor Warren Copeland at the meeting on Tuesday.

“This is a wonderful opportunity,” said Estrop.

By the numbers

1,000 – Number of full-time and part-time jobs that could be created by a proposed distribution facility

114 – Number of acres at Prime Ohio II to be sold

$4.7 – The total amount those acres are to be sold for

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