Should we ban traffic cameras?


Some state lawmakers in Columbus have always cast a skeptical eye on cities and towns that employ automated cameras to detect and cite motorists who speed or run red lights. Now lawmakers seem determined to do something about it.

As staff writer Jackie Borchardt reported last week, state Rep. Ron Maag, R-Lebanon, is sponsoring bipartisan legislation to ban the traffic cameras in Ohio.

A law banning the cameras may be easier to pass now that the reputation of Redflex, a major player in the traffic-camera industry, has been besmirched by recent corruption allegations, most notably in Chicago. Redflex operates the traffic cameras in Dayton, Hamilton, Trotwood, West Carrollton, Middletown and Springfield, according to Borchardt.

Would you support a statewide ban on the traffic cameras? Or do you think their presence has made intersections and roadways safer? Are state lawmakers overstepping? Should use of the cameras be a local decision? Have you received a citation because of a camera? Send me an email at and let me know what you think.