Safer with more guns?

Mail about our gun laws is still coming in since Orlando. This view from the left side of the aisle came in from frequent correspondent Kathaleen Tabern:

“It might be funny, if it weren’t so sad! Trump, the NRA et al try to use the excuse that if others (if not all) had guns in the Orlando bar, they could have stopped the shooter! Really? The shooter had an AR-15 rifle. Imagine hundreds of the customers shooting randomly. If all those people would start firing while hundreds were running, the chance of hitting innocent people would certainly be high. There was a security guy there that missed the shooter!

“My answer would be to ban these weapons of war. A person doesn’t need an assault weapon to hunt, or for target practice. And people need to stop being so gullible to think that gun reform means ‘taking guns away from responsible gun owners.’”

This issue won’t go away any time soon — tune back in and we’ll keep running letters from both sides. Your views? Email

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