Political price for Kasich?

The other day, we asked what you thought about Gov. John Kasich withholding his support of former rival Donald Trump. Every letter slammed Kasich for party disloyalty; this one from Ken Norman was typical:

“Kasich has an ego and personal pride problem that he can’t do anything about. In addition his ‘I’m a great administrator’ persona went over like a lead brick during the primaries, resulting in his getting no support outside of Ohio. So Trump knows this man has no political power throughout the country, and Trump’s people know Kasich’s people skills are absolutely atrocious and his RINO behavior in initiating the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion did not go unnoticed.

“A personality conflict that seems to exist between these two politicians would definitely have exploded during the primaries had Kasich not placed himself on a ‘pedestal’ above all others by refusing to join the crowd and skirmish during their debates.”

Your turn: rrollins@coxohio.com.

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