Life after concussions

We shared a story the other day on research looking at concussions vs. repeated hits, and got this from longtime reader Michelle Reed:

“My son is a college freshman now, but when he was in eighth and ninth grades he wrestled and played football. He had his first two concussions in wrestling. The thirrd was helmet-to-helmet contact during football practice. What I can say for sure about his concussions is that they are cumulative. He has suffered with long-term memory, headaches and dizziness. His freshman year after the third concussion was particularly difficult, but the effects have not gone away. … His long-term memory has also been affected. This does make school much more difficult for him. It’s been a long road, and I’d say he hasn’t seen the last of the problems. Time will tell.”

We wish him the best. Do you think the attention on this issue will change sports? Email