55 Ohio counties chose John Kasich, and other Ohio Primary results

On his way to an Ohio Primary victory on Tuesday night, Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich defeated Donald Trump in 55 of 88 counties.

That and other revelations come from a study of the county-by-county data from Tuesday's voting, which put Ohio at the center of the national election cycle

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Trump beat Kasich in Darke, Logan and Preble counties, but Kasich was the top vote-getter in the rest of the area. That led to a smiling celebration in the Kasich camp late into Tuesday night.

So what happens now? Kasich's campaign will continue, but his one path to the nomination would have to include the first brokered Republican convention since 1948.

On the Democratic side, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won easily against U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders. Sanders edged Clinton in Greene County, but Clinton topped the rest of the area's counties.