New policy allows private firearms on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

A new policy will allow Wright-Patterson Air Force Base personnel to apply to transport private firearms to and from the base.

Holders of a Federal Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act permit, Ohio concealed carry permit, or another state’s concealed carry permit that has a reciprocity with the state of Ohio, will be authorized on approval to transport secured, privately owned firearms in their privately owned vehicles, the base said in a release Aug. 11.

“We recognized that part of the population here was interested in seeing a change in our policy when it came to the transport of privately owned firearms on the installation,” Maj. Julie Roloson, 88th Security Forces Squadron commander, said in a release. “After much careful analysis, we established appropriate procedures to satisfy that intent without sacrificing the safety and security of the base.”

In an updated edition of the announcement Aug. 16, the base said that while on the installation, privately owned firearms are not authorized to be removed from personal vehicles and must be completely unloaded while remaining stored “in a locked container out of plain view.”

To be eligible, individuals must have a valid CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) permit, a valid Department of Defense ID card to include Common Access Cards, and must be either be active duty, Reserve, Guard, retired military, dependents 21 years or older and DoD civilian employees.

Registration will happen in three phases, according to Wright-Patterson:

Phase 1: Monday, Aug. 17: Active Duty Personnel

Phase 2: Sept. 15: Guard, Reserve, and retired military

Phase 3: Oct. 15: Dependents 21 years of age and older and DoD civilians

People who wish to carry their privately owned firearm on the installation must submit an Air Force Form 1314, Firearm Registration, and sign a Statement of Understanding for Possession of POF, the base said.

For Active Duty, Guard, Reserve and DoD civilians, individuals must complete and submit the AF Form 1314 to their unit commander or equivalent for authorization. Once approved, individuals will present the form to the Security Forces Pass and Registration office, the base said.

Retired military and dependents 21 years and older need to go to the Security Forces Pass and Registration office to complete the AF Form 1314.

Authorizations will be valid for two years.

This represents an updating of previous base policy. A 2016 Pentagon rule allows base commanders to permit troops to apply to carry personal weapons on base.

Base law enforcement officers and military police typically have been permitted to both conceal and open carry guns on base, according to media reports.

But in January, authorities at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska disallowed private firearms, a change in that installation’s policy announced after a review conducted by the 55th Wing commander.

That change came about a month after two fatal shootings on U.S. Navy bases, on Dec. 4 and Dec. 6 last year at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in Hawaii and Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida.

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