New charges for 3 Springfielders accused of holding woman captive, torturing her

Credit: Bill Lackey

Credit: Bill Lackey

Three people accused of holding a woman against her will before she ran, covered in bruises and chemical burns, to a man’s house on Western Avenue in May were indicted Tuesday on additional charges.

Billy Woolard, 32, Tiffany Lyons, 34, and Amanda Vance, 32, were indicted on two charges of kidnapping, abduction, felonious assault and endangering children. They are suspected of holding a woman captive for three days and torturing her, according to court records.

They were indicted in May on charges of first-degree felony kidnapping, second-degree felonious assault and third-degree felony abduction.

The woman was staying with the suspects in their apartment for a little more than two weeks. According to court records, she was held against her will and beaten after she mentioned to another person that she owed Woolard money and he wouldn’t let her leave until he was paid, and the comment got back to him.

According to court records, Woolard, Lyons and Vance punched the woman, poured chemicals on her, cut off her clothing and cut her hair. They also are accused of spraying her with chemical mace or pepper spray.

It is unclear from what the endangering children charge stems.

The woman told police she escaped when one of the roommates left and the others were sleeping. She went to a neighbor’s house, who let her inside and called 911.

The roommates were arrested at the apartment.

According to court records, Vance posted a photo of the woman with visible bruising on her right eye area saying that they “beat the brakes off” her.

Springfield Police officer Timothy Melvin wrote in a report the woman had “significant bruising” on her face and eyes, which were almost swollen shut. He said she also had burn marks on her lower back and sides, and cuts on her legs, back and stomach.

All three individuals charged remained in custody at the Clark County Jail as of Tuesday morning.