New Carlisle leaders vote down preliminary plan for residential development

A proposed development that could bring nearly 300 new homes to New Carlisle and annex land from Miami County will not move forward.

DDC Management had a purchase agreement for a 115-acre farm in Miami County where it planned to build 298-single family homes. If it was approved, the new community would have been at 8805 E. New Carlisle Road, at the corner of Scarff Road, which is at the edge of Miami County and adjacent to the Clark County border.

The cost of the homes would have started at about $250,000. All of the land would have been annexed from Miami County.

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The developer submitted a review of the plat of land that went to the planning board to make recommendations. After reviewing that preliminary plan, the planning board had some concerns and recommendations, and the developer resubmitted the preliminary plat.

The New Carlisle city council voted at a special meeting on Wednesday to not pass the ordinance that would have approved the preliminary plan and zoning change for this development. The motion failed 5-1.

Since those did not pass, the preliminary plan will not go back to the planning board for final plans and will not be developed in New Carlisle. However, the developer can continue to go through Bethel Twp. in Miami County for the residential development, but it would not be annexing into the city.

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Residents in both Clark and Miami counties have been opposed to this development. During the meeting, several of those residents spoke to council and requested them to vote down the ordinance.

A lot of the residents continued to voice their concerns, such as school occupancy, the traffic impact, economic impacts, and the environmental impact on Silver Lake.

The property of Silver Lake is owned by Jeff Morford and his 35+ member family. He said the property is approximately 100-acres with 17-acres of lake.

“I’m against this because of environmental and habitat reasons... I always explain the lake, what it looks like, what it should be, the way we want to keep it, and not the potential of a problem,” Morford said at the meeting.

New Carlisle also has three other proposed developments that could bring nearly 1,400 homes to the city, including on Addison-New Carlisle Road, north of the Northwoods subdivision; on the east side of Ohio 235, north of the Chrysler dealership; and north of Twin Creeks.

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