Police search yard after family dog finds human skull

Authorities in Texas are investigating after a dog brought his owners a human skull.

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The Liberty, Texas, family found the skull Friday in their front yard and contacted police, according to a statement from the Liberty County Sheriff's Office. The family thinks their dog found the skull in a wooded area near their home and brought it to their yard, reported the Houston Chronicle.

The sheriff's office began searching the yard and nearby woods Friday for more human remains. Heavy rain caused the search to be delayed to Monday.

No additional remains have been found.

The skull appeared to have been exposed to weather conditions for several years, Liberty County Sheriff's Office Investigator Travis Pierce said in a statement. The sex, age, identity and cause of death of the individual are not known yet because the teeth and lower jaw bone were not attached to the skull, according to the statement.

Officials also aren't sure if the decedent had been buried.

Authorities are continuing to examine the remains to try to identify the person, Pierce said.

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