Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0336: Eagle Loan Company of Ohio, Inc. v. Ricardo Darden, breach of contract.

24CV0337: Mariner Finance, LLC v. Vaughn E. Bellew, action for money.

24CV0338: Mariner Finance, LLC v. Katherine A. Canales, action for money.

24CV0339: Mariner Finance, LLC v. Wendi Hunt, action for money.

24CV0340: Mariner Finance, LLC v. Rachel I. Mullins, action for money.

24CV0341: Mariner Finance, LLC v. Alexander M. Aggadi, action for money.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Allison M. Weidinger, 26, of Tremont City, back office representative and Austin L. Esposito, 26, of Tremont City, general manager.

Property transfers:

Edie M. Volz to Edie M. and Dennis R. Volz, 3858 Tomahawk Drive, Medway; $0.

Timothy J. Harmeyer to Tim Harmeyer Properties LLC, 705 Brookfield Drive, New Carlisle; $0.

Lawrence F. Campbell to Stepladder Properties LLC, 1116-1118 Cambridge Court, New Carlisle; $132,000.

Blue Rock Select LLC to Gary L. Deaton, 201 Smith Blvd., New Carlisle; $236,500.

Joseph M. Taylor to David M. and David Mason Mac Gillivray, 3668 Saint Paris Pike, Springfield; $99,500.

Clarence E. and Suzanne Drummond to Suzanne Drummond, 2420 Troy Road, Springfield; $0.

Toni Rogers to Mohamed Ameur, 4333 Pine Tree Place, Springfield; $740,000.

Jaden McAfee and Courtney Grabill to Jaden McAfee and Courtney Grabill, 4751 Willowdale Road, Springfield; $0.

Jeremy Brown to Edward E. Adams, 2850 Dogwood Drive, Springfield; $400,000.

Jacob M. and Dennis M. Edgington to Jacob M. Edgington, 1037 White Oak Drive, Springfield; $0.

Jeffrey C. and Janine R. Miller to Jeffrey C. and Janine R. Miller, trustees, 3113 S. Urbana-Lisbon Road, South Charleston; $0.

Maria T. and James J. Wolfenden to Haleigh M. and Duke T. Eppert, 110 N. Urbana St., South Vienna; $175,000.

Tammy and Gregory Speirs to Tammy Speirs, 235 Enon Road, Enon; $0.

Gwendolyn S. and James R. Hess Jr. to Nathanial and Jennie Burgess, 2821 Dayton-Springfield Road, Springfield; $320,000.

Bonnetta S. Newcomb to Todd Fout, 6693 Emerald Ave., Enon; $0.

James M. and Marry E. Phillips to Kathleen Phillips, trustee, 4571 Cynthia Drive, Enon; $0.

Ronald L. and Patricia A. Whisman to Patricia A. Whisman, 4560 Cynthia Drive, Enon; $0.

Matthew Jehn and Brad Senita to MCRE OH LLC, 2761 Middle Urbana Road, Springfield; $50,000.

Kathleen Phillips, trustee to Lindsey and John Horne, 2452 Thor Drive, Springfield; $250,000.

Anna Plataniotis to Joseph A. Ehrick, 2432 E. Home Road, Springfield; $137,000.

Sally J. Glass to Kathleen Phillips, trustee, 4793 Brannan Drive E., Springfield; $167,500.

Pamela L. Mayle to Pamela L. Mayle and William Scott, 4610 Reno Lane, Springfield; $0.

Michael E. and Michael E. and Angela L. Woods, 1505 Erika Drive, Springfield; $0.

Judith H. Rhoads to Elizabeth A. Baneck, 4250 Hodge Road, Springfield; $0.

John E. Flory, trustee to Jerry R. and Amanda Adams, 3672 N. Hampton Road, Springfield; $300,500.

Park National Bank Trustee to Andrew and Timoree Bowsman, 4663 Spence Road, Springfield; $125,000.

William W. and Jo Anne C. Grimpe to Jo Anne C. Grimpe, 10033 Sigler Road, New Carlisle; $0.

Lynn Fraley to Jacquelyn F. Archdeacon, 2654 S. Springfield-Xenia Road, Springfield; $155,000.

Craig D. Whitacre to Muayad Qendah, 1362 Seminole Ave., Springfield; $68,900.

Kenai Holdings LLC to David W. and Karen S. Speas, 3873 New Carlisle Pike, Springfield; $130,000.

Robert L. and Molly L. Duncan to All In Nutritions LLC, 5060 S. Charleston Pike, Springfield; $0.

Michele K. Bisdorf to Jack A. Kemp, 337 Forest Drive, Springfield; $245,000.

John K. and Jean M. LeBlanc to Jeffrey D. and Sheri P. Burr, 740 Maumee Drive, Springfield; $575,000.

Louis F. Kemp to Brandon J. Karg, 3955 Springfield-Jamestown Road, Springfield; $292,500.

Gary M. and Susan J. Adrian to Susan J. Adrian, 365 Ra-Mar Drive, Springfield; $0.

Zachary D. Smith and Amber Atkinson to Zachary D. Smith, 2146 Conowoods Drive, Springfield; $82,700.

Thomas W. Loney to Gerald L. and Sarah P. Day, 1225 Old Farm Lane, Springfield; $192,000.

William F. Krafft to Ullip LLC, 770 W. Leffel Lane, Springfield; $0.

Anthony D. and Anita K. Moss to Anthony D. and Anita K. Moss, trustee, 1320 Greystone Lane, Springfield; $0.

Donald A. Williams to Derrick Montgomery Jr., 1215 Heard Ave., Springfield; $9,000.

Barry A. Davis Jr. to Barry A. Davis, 933 W. Rose St., Springfield; $0.