Pennsylvania woman with terminal cancer seeks caretaker for cherished plant

Credit: Hans/Pixabay

Credit: Hans/Pixabay

An elderly Pennsylvania woman is looking for someone to care for her much-loved philodendron plant when she no longer can.

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Gabrellen Pfarr, 83, has had the plant for about 10 years and doesn't remember where she got it from, she told The LNP.

After a decade of care from Pfarr, the plant has grown to be 15 feet long and a foot wide. The philodendron starts near the window of the kitchen and winds all the way along an arch separating the kitchen from the living room in her Lancaster apartment.

But Pfarr won’t be able to care for it for much longer and is looking for another person to give the plant some TLC. Pfarr has cancer and has been given a few months to live. After she dies, her husband, Richard, 84, will likely move in with his family, whose house doesn’t have the room and light needed for the plant to thrive.

“It’s a beautiful plant. I want it to go to someone who can continue to take care of it,” Pfarr, a former art teacher, said.

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