‘White power’ fliers and Whiteman St. vandalism reported in Yellow Springs

Police in Yellow Springs are investigating after white supremacist fliers were attached to road signs earlier this week, followed by vandals who spray-painted street signs.

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The "white power fliers" were discovered on four stop signs and one street sign near Antioch College on Monday morning, according to Sgt. Naomi Watson.

One or more individuals used spray adhesive to attach the 8-by-11-inch fliers to the signs late Sunday night or early Monday morning, Watson said.

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"The fliers weren't discovered until 5 or 6 o'clock in the morning," Watson said. "We have a lot of runners in town. They noticed the signs and called us."

The fliers were removed from the signs, but in the days that followed police responded to complaints of vandalism on Whiteman Street and anti-racism fliers started appearing on stop signs and on the sides of buildings.

Credit: Courtesy of Yellow Springs police

Credit: Courtesy of Yellow Springs police

Watson said someone has been going around spraying black spray-paint on Whiteman Street signs.

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Police refused to release photos of the white supremacist fliers. This news organization has put in a formal public records request for the release of those photos.

Police did release photos of the apparent retaliatory vandalism, as well as photos of anti-racism fliers that were attached to stop signs in the village following the discovery of the white supremacist literature.

Credit: Courtesy of Yellow Springs police

Credit: Courtesy of Yellow Springs police

Watson said no groups have claimed responsibility for distributing the fliers.

Antioch College released a statement, indicating they are working with Yellow Springs police on the investigation.

“Antioch College and the Yellow Springs Police Department have been in conversation about the incident,” The College’s statement reads. “We do not know who posted the flyers, but we have no reason to believe any of our students were responsible. Antioch College is opposed to the hateful speech and actions of many alt-right members. We affirm our solidarity with and support for the communities targeted by this movement — people of color, women, Muslims, immigrants, LGBTQ and others.”

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