Toxic algae: Warning to pet owners

Pet owners are being warned about toxic algae that can be found in local lakes and ponds.

In recent weeks, several dogs across the country have been poisoned after swimming in contaminated waters.

In North Carolina, Melissa Martin’s three dogs died after swimming in a neighborhood pond, according to WTVD.

The dogs started having seizures when they arrived at home and died later that day.

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In Georgia, Morgan Fleming and her husband’s border collie, Arya, died after swimming in Lake Allatoona. 

According to Fleming’s Facebook post, Arya started making weird noises, throwing up, and pooping on their way home. She called their vet and was instructed to take the dog to the ER. By the time they arrived, she was brain dead.

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Blue-green algae can kill dogs if they ingest it, according to veterinarians. The algae causes liver damage, respiratory paralysis, and organ failure.

Algae forms in warmer, more shallow waters.

The toxic algae will appear blue-green, red or brown and look like paint on the surface of the water, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Experts say the algae will become worst as the temperature increases.

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