South Charleston festival canceled

The Heritage Days Festival in South Charleston has been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sue Mattinson, president of the South Charleston Heritage Commission said, “It is a gathering and it just wasn’t going to work.”

She explained that at the festival individuals usually tour a historic log cabin built in 1825 and a train depot.

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“The biggest thing was that social distancing is impossible in our particular circumstance where we hold the festival,” Mattinson said. “We have craft vendors that if we were going to space them out according to what we suspected the guidelines were, we would have half the number of vendors.”

The two-day festival that was scheduled for September, usually kicks off with fireworks and a parade.

The South Charleston Heritage Commission decided this would be the best decision because there are still so many unknowns.

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“We weren’t sure, economically, if we could break-even because our donations might very well be down with people not working, companies closed or them having to allocate funds other places,” Mattinson said.

She added that the safety of their attendees, volunteers and vendors is their top priority.

“We are looking forward to what we can do next year in 2021,” Mattinson said.

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