Atlanta woman who stayed in Troy after boxer ran away during visit finds dog

UPDATE @12:35 p.m. (April 4):

An 8-year-old boxer named Max that has been missing since early March was found Thursday, and has been reunited with his owner.

Max was found in the immediate area of where he went missing from a home at Todd  Lane and Troy-Urbana Road in Troy.

Robin Herres (pronounced Harris), the dog’s owners, brought him with her to Troy for a funeral in early March. While they were at a relative’s home, someone left the back door open, and Max ran out.

Herres was distraught, she said while hugging the dog Thursday morning. So she delayed her trip back to Atlanta in hopes of finding her boxer.

She distributed more than 3,000 flyers, talked to the media and offered a $500 reward for his return. But a month later, her efforts were unsuccessful.

She’d given up hope, and as Robin was driving back to Atlanta Wednesday morning, she received a call from a representative of Lost Pet Recovery, an organization that’s been helping find Max. She was in Tennessee at the time, but she turned around immediately and returned to Troy, where she was reunited with her Max.

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“I am so grateful and ecstatic for everybody who helped. There were so many people that was hoping and praying,” Herres said while petting the dog and crying tears of joy. “

Max weighed 91 pounds when he went missing a month ago. He now weighs 34 pounds less, Herres said.

FIRST REPORT (March 25): 

An Atlanta, Georgia woman who was in town for a funeral has been searching the Troy area for 19 days to find her runaway dog.

The eight-year-old, 100-pound Brindle Boxer, who answers to the name Max, was last seen in the Stonyridge and Troy-Urbana Road area.

“I just want my boy back,” said owner Robin Herres.

Over 3,000 flyers have been circulated since March 7 by Herres.

A $500 reward is also being offered for Max’s return.

Please call Robin at 770-309-3101 if you have any information.

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