Dayton Shooting: Police gunfire not responsible for any fatal injuries

Preliminary autopsy results determined that Dayton police gunfire did not cause any of the fatal injuries in the Oregon District shooting, said Montgomery County Coroner Kent Harshbarger.

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One of the nine victims killed was shot by police, but had already suffered lethal injuries from the gunman.

Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl said he was relieved that gunfire by police did cause any fatalities.

He also acknowledged that in chaotic situations, it can be difficult to determine when to respond with deadly force.

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“There is a danger in shooting and a danger in not shooting,” Biehl said.

Another in the shooting did have a superficial wound from police.

Biehl said that officers provided first aid to victims as soon as the gunman was neutralized.

The coroner added that he does not believe that earlier medical treatment for any of the nine victims would have saved lives.

The gunman was shot by 24 to 26 bullets and received multiple injuries to the side and area above the body armor, said Harshberger.

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He also said that the gunman had a pipe and baggie with cocaine on him.

The shooter had cocaine, alcohol and another controlled substance in his system, Harshberger said.