Jacob Caldwell, boy once missing for a year, admits to unruly charge

UPDATE @ 10:30 a.m.:

Jacob Caldwell, the teen who went missing after witnessing his father’s shooting death, admitted to an unruly charge during a hearing in Greene County Juvenile Court.

The charge stemmed from a runaway incident in Beavercreek.

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Judge Adolfo Tornichio ruled that Caldwell be kept in a locked down treatment facility.

Attorney Lori Cicero, who represents Jacob’s legal guardian and paternal grandmother Sally DeThomas, said the judge’s decision is the best outcome.

Cicero said it’s time for Jacob to receive counseling and treatment as his two brothers have already received because of the trauma of seeing their father killed.

“This has been a very emotional process for all of those involved, especially for Sally,” Cicero said. “To see Jacob, to see where he is today as opposed to where his other two brothers are in their mental health stability, their life, their functionality in their community, it is just a very difficult experience for her to see that Jacob’s overall progress in life since his father’s murder has been stifled by the circumstances in which he found himself in. But today is a good day for the family and for Jacob. Today will be the first day of his journey for his recovery to achieve some stability, consistency, and to be able to heal ... that is the most important part of all of this.”


Jacob Caldwell, the teen who went missing after he and his brothers witnessed Robert Caldwell, his father, fatally shot in Riverside, is expected to appear for a hearing this morning in Greene County Juvenile Court.

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Judge Adolfo Tornichio last month ordered Jacob to remain in the county juvenile detention center to receive care and assessments. The 15-year-old, who had prior runaway incidents, is a potential witness in the federal case against the people who are charged in Jacob’s father’s murder.

The defendants include Jacob’s mother, Tawnney Caldwell, and her boyfriend Sterling Roberts.

This story will be updated with any new information that emerges from today’s hearing.

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