Coronavirus: 23,016 total cases, 1,306 deaths reported in Ohio

The Ohio Department of Health is reporting 23,016 total cases and 1,306 deaths in the state.

There are 21,969 confirmed cases and 1,185 deaths.

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Hospitalizations are at 4,218, with 1,188 ICU admissions.

On Thursday, Gov. Mike DeWine announced that hair salons, barbershops and patio dining can resume May 15. Inside service at restaurants and bar can start up May 21.

The governor noted that both industries will look different than what people were used to before the coronavirus pandemic, and that businesses will employ social distancing and other preventative measures.

DeWine is not having a press conference on Friday, but does plan to have one Monday.

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The governor said Thursday that more details on childcare and daycare would be available Monday and that he hopes to have more information on campgrounds in the next few day.

As Ohio continues to reopen, DeWine stressed the importance of continuing the practice of social distancing and wearing a mask.

He noted that as more businesses reopen and people begin leaving their houses and returning to work, the risk of catching the virus increases. At the same time, DeWine said it would also be a risk to leave the state shut down.

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The governor also addressed a bill proposed in the Ohio House that would limit the power of Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton.

DeWine said he didn’t understand the push for the bill during a public health emergency and said that if pass it would “create chaos.”

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