Clark County coronavirus testing clinic sees increase of residents

The Clark County Combined Health District and the City of Springfield saw an increase of residents at their second of three free coronavirus testing clinics on Wednesday.

“We’re really excited because the public has really turned out today,” Clark County Combined Health District Health Commission Charles Patterson said.

The testing clinic at Perrin Woods Elementary School in Springfield opened about 30 minutes early because there was already a line of individuals wanting to get tested for COVID-19.

“We have a line,” Patterson said. “We’re working very hard to move those people through as fast as possible.”

To get people through the line “in the smallest amount of time as possible,” Patterson explained that the National Guard assisted in testing.

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Testing was available to anyone who wanted one — free of charge — regardless of insurance, appointment or doctor’s note.

Miranda Farmer, a Springfield resident said, “I came out to get tested today because my girlfriend’s mom, we all went to Florida about couple weeks ago, she actually came back positive for it.”

Farmer explained that waiting in line was not too bad, but “it took me about a couple of days to actually try to find a test.”

Patterson believes they saw an increase of residents at the testing clinic because of their outreach.

“We had some help from the state on outreach. Our clinic showed up on the state’s website in the pop up clinics,” Patterson said. “We also know that there were many churches throughout our community that talked to their parishioners.”

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The third coronavirus testing clinic will be noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday, July 22 at La Condesa Grocery #1, 440 S. Burnett Road in Springfield.

The clinic, like this one and another one a week ago, will not be a drive-through. Instead, residents will park their car and stand in line on foot. They will then walk through the line and fill out a registration form with their contact information before being tested.

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“We really thank those folks and the community leaders that stepped up and said folks we need to go do this, we need to wear our masks, we need to get tested and that way we can all come out of this together,” Patterson said.

For more information about the coronavirus testing clinic, call the Clark County Combined Health District at 937-390-5600.

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