Cat found at Springfield Love’s returned to Georgia truck driver

A Georgia truck driver was reunited with his cat after losing him at Love’s Travel Stop in Springfield.

He lost his cat, Ashes, in July and had been actively searching for him every time he passed through Springfield, according to an online article published by Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester.

The truck driver, referred to only by Matthew in the article, had rearranged his route schedule several times in hope of finding Ashes.

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In early November, a motorist on her way from the West Coast to Rochester, New York, stopped at Love’s.

While there, she spotted a thin, gray cat.

The woman, identified only as Kimberly in the article, told Lollypop Farm that it was a cold day and after not finding an owner she decided to bring the cat to Rochester with her.

When they made it to Rochester, she took Ashes to Lollypop Farm.

The admissions team at Lollypop Farm scanned Ashes for a microchip and found out Matthew, the truck driver, was the owner.

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After receiving the phone call, he rearranged his route schedule to make a stop in Rochester.

About a week and a half later, the truck driver and cat were reunited, the Lollypop Farm article said.

“It’s that microchip – without it, I wouldn’t have ever gotten him back. If you love your pet, you just have to chip them.’’ the truck driver told Lollypop Farm. “The women that found him saved his life, but the microchip brought him home.”

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