Report: British military leader earns nearly twice Pentagon chief’s pay

The leader of British armed forces earns nearly twice as much as the U.S. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff despite Gen. James Dunford overseeing a military about 10 times the size, and some British politicians are unhappy about it, according to a report in The Times of London.

British Air Chief Marshall Sir Stuart Peach earns between $315,000 and $360,000 compared  to the equivalent of around $187,000 for Dunford, who also receives a rsonal allowance of approximately $3,948, the Times reported.

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Britain has about 150,000 troops, the Times reported Jan. 30, while the United States has 1.3 million on active duty. Britain’s military budget is less than a tenth of the United States.

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The report indicated that Dunford is also paid less than his counterparts for the militaries of France, Germany, Australia or New Zealand.

British Labour Party lawmakers have spoken out against the pay disparity at a time when defense personnel pay received a 1 percent pay increase and training and troop travel was pared to cut costs.

However, advocates said the pay of the British military chief was small compared to private sector counterparts.

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