Lincoln Elementary parents celebrate students’ accomplishments

A Springfield program teaching children the importance of nutrition, academics and volunteering in their community ended Friday with a celebration.

For the past six weeks, students from Lincoln Elementary participated in the summer programming sponsored by Springfield Promise Neighborhood and Springfield City Schools.

The students worked with volunteers from AmeriCorps on projects ranging from food and nutrition to art and books.

Friday’s celebration brought together the students and their parents. The students presented their projects to their parents while also enjoying an ice cream social.

“On this day we wanted to celebrate the youth,” said Bob Welker, project coordinator for Springfield Promise Neighborhood. “We also wanted to make sure that they understand that the community cares for them and their parents are proud of them.”

While the first half of Friday’s celebration focused on the children and their achievements throughout the summer, the second half focused on the improvement of the neighborhood around Lincoln Elementary School. The forum was used to set the neighborhood direction for the coming year.

“The action forum is our opportunity to look at what our leaders within the neighborhood have developed based on what they have heard,” said Eric Smith, community coordinator for Springfield Promise Neighborhood.

Smith said he hopes that through the events on Friday, the adults commit themselves to accomplishing the goals that they set for themselves and the community.

“This is the most exciting thing I’ve been a part of because of the scope of it,” Smith said. “It’s inspirational and it draws me in everyday.”