Kings Island to debut new themed area in 2023

‘Adventure Port’ will have two rides, places to eat.

A new themed area called “Adventure Port” will open inside the Kings Island amusement park in Mason next year, officials with the park announced Wednesday.

Multiple attractions will be part of Adventure Port, which surrounds the Adventure Express roller coaster and is between Coney Mall and the Action Zone. It will include two new family rides.

Sol Spin has suspended passenger vehicles that take passengers flying 60 feet in the air at 25 miles per hour. Another ride called Cargo Loco has shipping barrels that hold passengers who will spin around.

Also in Adventure Port will be The Mercado, a place where guests will find dining options, shopping and more.

Another attraction will be a restaurant called Enrique’s, which will have a menu with burritos, burrito bowls, tacos and salads.

Kings Island issued an announcement to describe the new area coming in 2023, and said Adventure Port “is a hub for explorers searching for the ruins of an ancient civilization, its forbidden temple and mysterious wonders. If asked, the locals will tell tales of those who came before you and vanished. Did they unwittingly disturb ancient spirits and fall victim to an age-old curse?”

Kings Island is celebrating its 50th anniversary season right now and is open for Halloween Haunt on weekends through Oct. 30. WinterFest, the holiday celebration at the park, returns Nov. 25 and runs through Dec. 31.

WinterFest includes 11 winter attractions and the central Eiffel Tower glows like a Christmas tree. There is also a WinterFest Wonderland parade and more than 5 million lights, officials said.

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