‘Hero in Blue’ event raises money in memory of fallen deputies

A fundraiser called ‘Hero in Blue” in Enon as conducted in honor of fallen deputies Matthew Yates and Suzanne Hopper.

The event this weekend by a local winery named Brandeberry Winery offered $4 dollars per wine bottle where proceeds went to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office for ballistic shields. Live music, food trucks and other activities were provided to people who attended the fundraiser.

“We are here today to raise money for safety equipment for the sheriff’s department so proceeds from every bottle of wine will go to the safety fund at the sheriff’s department,” Tracy Yates, wife of Matthew Yates.

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The slain deputy died this past summer in a shootout at Harmony Estates Mobile Home Park.

Hopper was killed in 2011 following a shootout at a camper located at Enon Beach Campground.

“The support from the community has been phenomenal — I don’t know what I would have done without the community support behind me so I’m just grateful for that,” Yates said.

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Kelly Brandeberry said her winery released a new wine called “Hero and Blue” to raise money “for a special fund in the honor of Suzanne Hopper and Matthew Yates to buy safety equipment for sheriff’s department.”

A GoFundMe donation link is posted on the winery’s website to receive extra funds to help with getting the special shields for the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

“We feel like they put their lives in on the line every day for us and it was time for the community to step up and do something to save them,” Brandeberry said.