Greenon’s mock crash ‘deeply influenced the students’

Greenon Local Schools hosted an “impactful” mock crash event for junior and senior students this week.

The staged crash, which had student actors and local emergency response teams, “deeply influenced the students who witnessed it,” Vana Beekman, Greenon communications and community relations specialist, said.

Students learned about the consequences of impaired and distracted driving, and the importance of making responsible daily driving choices, especially during celebratory events like prom night, which is Saturday.

“The mock crash changed my perspective on impaired driving and made me realize the ugly reality of it,” said junior Cierra Hill. “It’s not just about me; it’s about everyone on the road. The mock crash has inspired me to be responsible and take this seriously.”

The simulation event included Greenon, Clark County Sheriff’s Office, Enon-Mad River Fire and EMS, Hustead Fire and EMS, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Premier Health CareFlight, Dan’s Towing and Recovery and Adkins Funeral Home.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside our community partners to provide our students with an experience that promotes safety and good decision making,” said high school principal Josh Newport.

After the simulated crash, Greenon held an afternoon session for students with follow-up guest speakers, including speakers from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Tracy Locakhart-Williams from the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office to make sure that “the message resonates beyond the initial shock of the simulation.”

“We understand that changing behaviors, such as impaired or distracted driving, takes ongoing effort,” said Greenon School Resource Office Deputy Vaughn Apel, who helped organize the event. “By engaging students in meaningful discussions and providing them with resources following the simulation, we empower them to make informed decisions behind the wheel.”

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