Global Impact STEM Academy to transition students from online to hybrid learning

The Global Impact STEM Academy in Springfield will transition students from online learning to blended learning starting Monday, Oct. 5, according to the academy’s director.

“We will be resuming in-person classes through a blended model of instruction,” said Josh Jennings.

GISA switched to remote learning for the fall when schools reopened after their initial plan of beginning with blended learning for the first semester.

The academy made the decision to go virtual for the first month to reassess and have the opportunity to observe what took place in the community, Jennings said at the end of August during a drive-thru open house.

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For blended learning, students will be divided into two groups by the last digit of their student ID. Students in the same household will be in the same group.

Group A will attend school in person on Monday, Tuesday and every other Friday. Group B will attend school in-person on Wednesday, Thursday and every other Friday.

According to the calendar, Friday, Oct. 9 will be a virtual day for all students and instructors will be available for conferencing with parents. Friday, Oct. 18 will also be a virtual day for students in grades 10-12 to make up exams.

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“Bringing students back in the building while simultaneously having students connecting from home will certainly take some time to effectively transition. However, our team is up for the challenge and looking forward to having students back in the building,” Jennings said.

The academy will decide on Monday, Oct. 26 to either continue with blended learning or to bring students back in a larger capacity starting in November, Jennings said.

Additional information regarding transportation, food service, conferences, attendance, arrival and dismissal, and health and wellness protocols will be released later.

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