Fair results

The following participants received first place or higher.

Dairy Female Show

Grade junior heifer: Amber Brashears; grade intermediate: Charles Cunningham; grade senior: Joshua Cunningham; grade summer: Anna Cummins; grade intermediate: Marissa Knowles; grade senior, grade cow 2, grade junior champion and grade senior champion: AJ Cook; grade cows 3, 5 and grade reserve senior champion: Ashlynn Lear; grade reserve junior champion: Joshua Cunningham; Jersey junior: Makenna Young; Jersey intermediate: Trent Green; Jersey senior; Maleigha Young; Jersey summer and Jersey junior champion: Jessica Gravenkemper; Jersey reserve junior champion, on, Jersey senior champion and Jersey cow 3: Carl Gravenkemper; Jersey cow 4: Kyle Green; Jersey reserve senior champion: Kyle Green; holstein junior: Michalela Hitchcock; holstein intermediate: Hannah Hitchcock; holstein cow 2: Macy Timmons; holstein cow 5: Bailey Powell; holstein junior champion: Hannah Hitchcock; holstein reserve champion: Michalela Hitchcock; holstein senior champion: Macy Timmons; holstein reserve senior champion: Bailey Powell; Jersey champion female: Carl Gravenkemper; Jersey reserve champion female: Kyle Green; holstein champion female: Macy Timmons; holstein reserve champion female: Bailey Powell; grade champion female: AJ Cook; grade reserve champion female: Ashlynn Lear; Supreme champion: Carl Gravenkemper.

Dairy Feeder Show

300-325 pounds: Kendall Spencer; 330-350 pounds and Division 1 reserve champion: Taylor Bates; 355-365 pounds and Division 1 champion: Kassidi Payton; 370-375 pounds: Morgan Mumma; 380-395 pounds and Division 2 reserve champion: Daniel Helton; 400 pounds and Division 2 champion: Zoe Ratliff; 405-420 pounds and Division 3 reserve champion: Brittany Wright; 425-430 pounds and Division 3 champion: Wyatt Snyder; 435-440 pounds: Sidney Richards; 445-450 pounds: Mason Potter: 455-465 pounds: Kali Miller; 470-475 pounds and Division 4 champion: Graci Leonard; Division 4 reserve champion: Justin Legge.

480 pounds and Division 5 champion: Elizabeth Sakaitis; 485 pounds: Mikayla Blair; 490-495 pounds: Sierra Potter; Division 5 reserve champion: Samantha Renner; 500-505 pounds: Maddie Young; 510-515 pounds and Division 6 champion: Elizabeth Sakaitis; 520-525 pounds and Division 6 reserve champion: Katelyn Cheney; 530 pounds: Hunter Kaffenbarger; 535-540 pounds and Division 7 reserve champion: Austin Evans; 545-555 pounds and Division 7 champion: Abigail Simmons; 560-570 pounds and Division 8 reserve champion: Dane Klosterman; 575-580 pounds and Division 8 champion: Sara Hupp; 585-600 pounds: Amy Studebaker; Overall champion: Sara Hupp; Overall reserve champion: Elizabeth Sakaitis; rate of gain grand: Amanda Rairden; Rate of gain reserve: Sara Hupp.

Poultry Show

Bantam pullet: Savannah Boerger; Bantam hen, bantam cockerel and champion bantam: Colt Standley; Bantam cock: Wesley Benjamin; Reserve champion bantum: Luke Standley; large fowl pullet: Kristen Barnett; large fowl hen: Skyler Davis; large fowl cockerel, large fowl cock and champion large fowl: Kristen Barnett; reserve champion large fowl: Aaron Benjamin; egg production hens champion, Zach Oren; egg production pullets: Kristen Barnett; egg contest: Sydney Snyder; best exhibition bird of show champion: Colt Standley; best exhibition bird of show reserve champion: Kristen Barnett; 4-H market chickens: Jayden DeHaven, Jacob Bills, Campbell Warrington, Keylah Kirkland, Trevor Hoberty (2); 4-H poultry meat pen champion: Trevor Hoberty; 4-H poultry meat pen reserve champion: Faith Gundolf; FFA market chickens: Kyle Jamison, Michaela Rice, Braedon Phillips; champion FFA meat pen: Michaela Rice; reserve champion FFA meat pen: Kyle Jamison; overall poultry meat pen champion: Trevor Hoberty; overall poultry meat pen reserve champion: Michaela Rice.

Chicken showmanship

Beginners 8-10 years old: Zach Sanders; Juniors 11-12 years old: Skyler Davis; Intermediate 13-14 years old: Kristen Barnett; Seniors 15-18 years old: Kyleigh Godsey.

Market Lamb Show

Lightweight class and 95-97 pounds: Caleb Mattinson; 98-101 pounds Lucy Parker; 102-105 and division 1 champion: Shawn Ward; Division 1 reserve champion: Sarah Moeller; 106-110 pounds and 112 pounds: Luke Spracklen; 111 pounds and division 2 reserve champion: Rylie McCorkle; 113 pounds and division 2 champion; Taylor Burson; 114-115 pounds: Zoe Ballard; 116-117 pounds: Heidi Goodbar; 118-119 pound: Sam Smith; 120-122 pounds and division 3 reserve champion: Luke Spracklen; 123-125 pounds and division 3 champion: Paige Pence; 126 pounds: Jake Eier; 127-128 pounds and division 4 reserve champion: Ethan Spracklen; 129 pounds: Will Bauer; 130-131 pounds: Sam Smith; 132-135 pounds and division 4 champion: Paige Pence; 136-137 pounds and division 5 reserve champion: Paul Bline; 138-142 pounds and division 5 champion: Ethan Spracklen; heavyweight class: Austin Tehan; grand champion: Paige Pence; reserve grand champion: Ethan Spracklen.

Horse Show

Junior western showmanship: Kathleen Spencer, grand champion; Alli Lowe, reserve champion; senior western showmanship: Madison McBride, grand champion; Mikayla Garberich, reserve champion; Walk-trot Western horsemanship, 8-13 years old: Kathleen Spencer, grand champion; Makenna Juergens, reserve champion; walk-trot western horsemanship, 14-18 years old: Jacob Morgan, grand champion; Katie Turner, reserve champion; senior western horsemanship: Jessica Rogers, grand champion; Shianne West, reserve champion; junior western horsemanship: Audrey Nourse, grand champion; Allie Lowe, reserve champion; walk-trot western pleasure: Kathleen Spencer, grand champion; Brandon Knick, reserve champion; junior and senior western pleasure pony: Dakota Thacker, grand champion; Casey Maros, reserve champion; easy-gaited pleasure: Mary Albano, grand champion; Kody Owens, reserve champion; easy-gaited equitation: Mary Albano, grand champion; Kody Owens, reserve champion.

Market Gilt and Breed Show

FFA under weight: Matt Henry; 200-207 pounds: Victoria Workman;209-217 pounds: Rachael League; 224-234 pounds: Megan Simpson; 236-245 pounds: Katie Weeks; 246-253 pounds: Nathan Simpson; 254-268 pounds: Shelby Lindner; 271-283 pounds and FFA gilt reserve champion: Austin Spears; FFA gilt champion: Dylan Nave; underweight: Delaney Walker; 200-216 pounds: Mattie Robinette; 222-238 pounds: Hannah Swensen; 241-257 pounds and 4H-1 gilt champion: Annie Grieser; 262-281 pounds: Brynn Bishop; 4H-1 gilt reserve champion: Evan Parker; underweight: Briann Warren-Parker; 200 pounds: Melaina Littlejohn; 202-210 pounds: Evan Rittenhouse; 210-217 pounds: Amber Hallam; 219-221 pounds: Bo Davis; 222-226 pounds and 4H-2 division 1 champion: Austyn Collier; 4H-2 division 1 reserve champion: Bo Davis; 227-230 pounds: Paige Phillips; 231-233 pounds: Katie Ericksen; 234-236 pounds and 4H-2 division II champion: Abbie Greaser; 236-240 pounds: Hunter Collier; 4H-2 division II reserve champion: Paige Phillips; 242-245 pounds: Amanda Rairden; 245-248 pounds and 4H-2 division 3 champion: Emily McKillip; 248-251 pounds: Trey Cooper; 252-254 pounds: Madison Alexander; 4H-2 division 3 reserve champion: Madison Alexander; 255-259 pounds: Kalie Grow; 259-264 pounds: Lane Harbage; 265-269 pounds: Christian Kaffenbarger; 271-280 pounds and 4H-2 division 4 reserve champion; Victoria Johnson; 282-300 pounds: Hannah Wildman; 4H-2 division 4 champion: Tye Parker; Hampshire pure breed class 1: Nevin Hurst; Hampshire pure breed class 2: Jordan Conn; Hampshire breed champion: Jordan Conn; Hampshire breed reserve: Nevin Hurst; Duroc pure breed class 1: Tanner Stoops; Duroc pure breed class 2 and Duroc breed champion: Mitchel Shawhan; Duroc breed reserve champion: Hannah Weymouth; Yorkshire breed class 1A: Max Foreman; Yorkshire breed class 1B: Maddi Fulk; Yorkshire breed class 2: Luke Spracklen; Yorkshire breed class 3: Ethan Spracklen; champion Yorkshire breed: Luke Spracklen; reserve champion: Ethan Spracklen; Spot breed champion: Katie Baneck; Spot breed reserve champion: Brooke Rhoades; Berkshire breed champion: Hudson Barclay; Berkshire reserve champion: Kyle Taylor; Chesterwhite bred champion: Chet Folck; Chesterwhite reserve champion: Brandie Folck; overall breed champion: Luke Spracklen; overall breed reserve champion: Ethan Spracklen.

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